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 Among Us Always Imposter v1.9 apk

Hello guys, today I have brought a new mode menu for you guys named devilx86 apk and this is the version of this devilx86 apk v2021.4.2 and inside this feature you get a lot of features which you will know about now but before that I will give you I want to tell you some things that you will like, then in this version you will get Always Impostor, No Kill cooldown Skip Vote and Teleport and Unlock Pets Hats & Skins as you will know that you will get Skins and all this money. Only then you get all this, but I will get you all that for free, you will not even have to open anything inside this mode, you will get everything unlocked right in front of you and you can use all those things for free.

Skip Vote

You people must be understanding from its name that what this button would do is because its name is skip vote, then its work is also the same evening, skip the voting and you will use this thing, then let me tell you. Whenever you kill someone in front of someone and he sees you and he calls the meeting and convinces everyone that yes you have done the kill and you are the imposter, then at that point you You can use it as if all those people have convinced that you are the imposter and they are going to vote for you, then today you can skip voting using the skip vote button and if you think here If they have voted you then what will you do, then I tell you what you have to do.

If all of you have voted and even after that you use this button, then you will be saved because this skip vote button is complete Skips the voting itself, it does not see who has voted and who has not, because this voting button does something as if you have all voted. If you hit the vote button, it skips the meeting itself and it is written in the last that no one was an ejected skipper, but you have all voted, but by using this, all the other players also start thinking that After all, what happens if it happens once or twice, then the players think that it is the fault of the game but it does not happen and if this thing happens again and again, then the players also understand.


Teleportation means moving from one place to another, have you heard this word before, if you are in any of its modes, if not then you do not need to be surprised because this thing is also you devilx86 apk I will tell you that these are the buttons, after using this teleportation, you will be teleported from one place to another place within a second, meaning you will say that and come within a second and You can use this thing inside the airship map especially because you will know that the airship map is very large and it becomes very difficult to go from one place to another inside it. 

If I imposter Even if it happens, I have a lot of difficulty in finding any player and I use this teleportation very easily there is a delay of just one click to me and I can find exactly the same player from one place to another. I choose to reach him because I want to become an imposter so I want a lot of heart To kill the players, I used to keep searching for the players, and I used to go to find the rest, but when there was only one player alive, then there was more trouble but then I came to know that I had a There is also a mode with which I can reach from one player to another player within a click.

Then I started using it and after that I would kill one and then go to the other at the same time. It was very easy to kill the other player as well and that’s how I completed a lot of games and there is a chance in this thing that the player we will reach will surely think how suddenly I have It has come but it may be that we have ventured or it may be that I have been following it very lately, anything is possible but I will use it only when it is known that I am using some mode.

Show Impostor

So you guys would know that the person who would be cruising cannot see the imposter but if you use this mod called show imposter and Guys you may have already understood what this mode does if If you have understood, then please comment once and tell me, but if you have not understood, then let me tell you that with the help of this mode you can see anyone very easily that they are alive or not. For example, if you are a crew and you want to see who is an imposter, then you can see and with that you can also say who is alive or who has been killed and you will find this button mostly You will get to see only the most useful in the list of modes and you do not have to see that this mode will be seen only in devilx86 apk, this mode will be seen in many modes.

Block Meeting/Report

So using this mode, you can block meetings and reports like you know that if you have killed someone, then they can report the body you have killed and after that you can report They reach a meeting with all the people, so that it happens that they all talk among themselves and when the player who has reported is asked for five and after that he says that he ate the body. I used to use this mode very much since I have been reporting and who was standing around the body because it is a lot of fun when people are unable to report and I keep hitting people and you guys know.

What I use it for more than that is that I use it mostly when I make a video because whenever I make a video, there are many people who spoil my video by calling a meeting again and again. Is and I used to get very angry on this thing at first, but when I got this mode, I started using this mode. And after that I would kill everyone and not even report them and I used to have a lot of fun in this and I use this thing a lot when I use the devilx86 apk mode menu because of this mode menu Inside you also get the option of Always Imposter No Kill cooldown and I use them all at the same time.


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