Among us always imposter v2021.3.5a

Guys among them is a very good game and you can see many things inside this game like in this game you are in space and here the imposter comes and kill the crewmates, let’s know something about this game.

1) About Among Us Game

So this game was created by Innetsloth and this game was not named before. This game was first named Space Mafia and this game has been played since a long time but still it is played in many countries Only like Brazil, Indonesia, United States, Mexico, Poland, etc. And this game was made on 15 June 2018 by Innersloth.

2) Size Of Among Us Game In PC & Mobile
If you play this game in mobile, then only 70 MB should be empty in your mobile and I hope that 70 MB will not be a big thing in your mobile, because today there are many such games to run. Your mobile must be at least 1.5 GB empty, but if you play this game in PC, then you only need 250 MB free in your computer and you do not need any RAM to play this game, you can play this game at minimum RAM also.

3) Now How Is That Among Us Game

So as you open this game, you will see some space type in front of which there will be small stars and then you will see INNERSLOTH and then in front of you the dashboard of Among Us game will open, where you will see many things like the most useful the version of the game will appear and you will see in front of you how you played this game, you also get the option of tutorials and many things like that you get in front of you by clicking on the play button, where you see the most useful one, you have the option to enter your name in which you can type your name, which will be seen inside your game as seen in other games.

Now you will have three options in front of which one will be host, Now what is the host. I can tell you that the host is the thing in which you can make your own host and you can play with your friends like if you have friends Only you have to play with it, then you can make it private by making the host, but if you do not have the host, then you cannot control the host and will control it, the person who created the host, I tell you that How does the host work like if you have created the host then people will come to the host and as soon as 10 members are complete, you can start your host, but if you join the public host then everything will be hosted The name of the host will be controlled and if you do any reverse work, then the host can remove you.

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