Among Us Axey Menu


Guys this mod name is axey mod and guys this is the first mod menu of among us which I have used, and guys in this mod menu you can get the option to be always imposter and you can also unlock all the skins, pets & hats.

This mod version is updated version and you can trust on this mod I can say this because I am still using this mod in my personal phone and guys among us game is so interesting if you start playing this game then I promote that you will like this game, and enjoy this game because guys in my friends circle my all friends play this game and they totally enjoy this game.

Among Us Axey Mod Menu this very interesting mod menu in this mod you will get these options like:

*Always Imposter

*Unlock Skins

*Unlock Pets

*Unlock Hats

*Max Light

*Speed Increase/Decrease

*No Ads

*Show Impostor

Here guys I want to tell you about the installing this mod because guys this mod installation process is different from other apps or games like if you want to install the mod then follow the all steps below:

Steps 1- First Download this mod

Step 2- Then first uninstall your real among us game

Step 3- Then install the mod version.

In this game Crewmates can choose different colour and also imposter can choose:










And guys I have already told you about the installation process but if you don’t know then please watch all the steps above because many people ask me question that “its showing app not installed ” and this happens because they not uninstall real among us game first.

Guys in this among us game you can also chat with your friends and by using mod if someone is killed by imposter and he want to say something in chat box then you can see his chats.

Guys if you don’t watch the full video then watch it because if you watch the half video then you can’t understand that how to be always imposter and how to use the mods.

In this game there are now 3 maps but 1 more map will come soon.. But maybe 4th mod takes time to come so guys you can wait for it and when its realising date will out I will make video for that and guys there are 3 different and good maps if you use them then you will also like them.

Download the axey mod by clicking on below download button.

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