Among Us Axey Version -v2021.3.5a

Among Us Axey Version -v2021.3.5a

This is the name of this mode among us axey and it is very good mode and it is the first mode of my life and it is also very good, in this mode you get a lot of modes like you get the first one in it. C imposter means that with the help of this mode you will be able to see who is an imposter and who is alive and who has died and if you are able to convince everyone that yes it is an imposter, then all of you meet that imposter Can drive it away, but by doing this people will ask you how there is any evidence and if you have said that you are using the twist, then it may be that it will kick you upside down.


And after that comes the Max Light mode, which you can use and see everything, as clear as you can see from far away, it is also very clear and if someone destroys the light then only you will see it and far away And the advantage of Max Lite mode is that if you become an imposter then you can use Max Lite very well, you can increase your light by sabotage the light so that no one can see anything. But you will see everything clear but yes if you are in the host then you should not use Max Lite because if you use Max Lite then the menu of the host which can see all the members can see the crewmate vision. And you will understand that you are using the mode and after that all the members will be quitted by your host and if anyone else comes, then they will also leave your host as it will be seen as soon as they arrive. You are using max light mode.

And then after hearing the name Close Doors, you will understand what will happen by using this mode, if not, then I will tell you what will happen using this mode in whatever place you are in the game. Inside you will be able to close it, if you just have to close the cafeteria, then you can just close the cafeteria and if you want to close all the doors, you can close all the doors, but in May, the only thing you can find I will close only one door at a time, because if you close all the doors in one go, then people may understand that someone is using a mode, in our game you are on the same side and someone else. If he is on, you can kill him by closing the door and if someone has seen you hitting someone else in the Sorge and he has started running quickly, then you can close the door of the cafeteria and kill him on the same Because then the storage door will also be closed and if you want, you can also do it here so that no one can close all the doors or else you can report it. Anybody will come where you have killed him.

Guys is the name of this mode is axey and you can get the option to open everything. You will be able to use it and not only you but all the people playing the game with you, they will be able to see your skins and see your pets and if someone asks you how you got them, have you bought them? So you can use my name on it and can tell them that I have taken it with the help of Daddy Gaming, if you want, you can also take it.

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