Among Us JLand Menu


Guys this is new mod menu of 2021 and guys this is updated mod menu and guys its name is “JLand” and guys you can download this mod enjoy this and guys like other mods I have also provide mediafire link below you can dow load this by pressing on download button below.

I have provided you the direct link of mediafire you have to just click on download button and you will go at downloading page and by clicking on that mod menu apk, your downloading will start.
And guys I have provided the apk without any password because guys many peoples on youtube providing the link with password protected or the password protected apk and guys I have no do this type of anything.
Guys if you want to know the steps for installing this mod then you can watch that below video’s end and guys this mod’s installation process is different from other installation process.

In this mod menu you will also get the option to be imposter in every game means always imposter.
If you want to be always imposter then you need a host meams have to create a game and guys I have also show this in my video if you have not watch that part then you can watch that part in above video.
Guys some mods which you will see in this mod:
*always imposter
*Unlock Skins
*Unlock Pets
*Unlock Hats
*Speed Increase/Decrease
*Max Light
In this mod you will get FREE SKINS, FREE PETS & FREE HATS.
The JLand mod is new and updated and no one know about this mod.
Guys if you are begginer in this among us game then I can tell you about this game like you can install it from the Playstore or you can download this game from other sites and then install it and then open it and then you will come on game first page and there you will see the version of that game and after that there you have 3 maps you can use any mods like there are these mods:
And then guys you have to write your name and then you can play game there are two option one is make a game(host) and 2nd one is public game and 3rd one is You can joint anyone’s host by using host code, lets me explain you in brief:
Create Game(Host): You can create game and make your host public and then players will join host and then you can start game and then you become the impostor or a Crewmates and then start enjoying the game and Crewmates will do work(task) and imposter’s work is to kill all Crewmates carefully without showing anyone when killing.
Public Mode: You can click on public mod and then you will go in anyone’s host.
Private Mode: In this option you can type the host code of your friends or anyone’s host Green.
In this game Crewmate can choice any colour or imposter also like:
Light Green
Guys to download the JLand Mod Menu then click on below download button

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