Among Us Kirito Gamer


Guys here is a new mode menu which name is Kirito gamer and guys you can get it from bottom and guys its a new 2021 new updated mode menu guys if you haven’t not used this mode menu from now then you cam read the description for Kirito gamer.

Guys Kirito gamer is a mode menu which have new interesting haks like wall hak, always imposter and some other haks but guys if you want to watch full tutorials about this Kirito gamer then you can watch the video below.

Guys if you want to learn always imposter trick then I can tell you with explanation or by steps.

You can follow all the steps to be a imposter in every game

*First Make Your Own Game(Host)

*Then when all the players are ready to start then enable the alwaysz imposter booton 

*Then start a game

*After starting a game you shock with being a imposter.

Guys and if you want to learn this game then you can continue the reading like this a simple game which is developed and controlled by Innersloth and and the mode is not created by Innersloth it is created by a game lover that’s why don’t think that the mode is created by the developer.

And guys its a very interesting mode in which you will get some haks like always imposter, wall hacs etc.

Guys if you are new on my channel or this blog then you can watch my channel by clicking on that above video and guys for your information i upload this type of video means gaming video on my channel but guys if you are watching my blog first time then you can subscribe me for more video and blogs guys if you want to know then i can tell you about this game like this game is so interesting and in this game you will be crewmate or imposter and if you be crewmate then you have to complete all tasks and if you are not able to complete the tasks before the killing of all the crewmates then you will lose.

If you be an imposter then you have to kill all the crewmates but you have to be careful because if anyone see that you are not doing right tasks then maybe crewmate will report you and they kicked you from the game and they will win.

Guys in this game you have so many colours like, red, blue, yellow, green, pink etc and guys you have so many skins, and hats and you can use all the skins, pets and hats free, and guys this is not made by me this is made by a fan and guys if you don’t know that i want to tell you then i want to tell you that this is new kirito gamer with so colourfull theme guys and if you want to download hd wallpapers of among us game guys if you have any problem then you can comment that in this blog you will get the comment box at the bottom of this blog and there you can comment me and if many people watch that comment and also say that they are also facing that problem then i will make a new video on that topic and guys i want to tell you that if you are facing any problem which related my content or far away from my content.

Then you can comment me that and i will make a video on that topic and guys if you want to suggest me something which can make my channel or blog better then please comment that i will improve the quality of my site and blog and guys if you want the ringtones of among us game the you can get that from any sites because some sites provides the ringtone of among us game i also play that and i also love that.

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