Among us menu v1.8.1


Among Us Mod Menu v1.8.1

Here guys in this mod menu you will get lots of mod menu then other mods and guys its name is devilx86 and guys i have already mad a full tutorial videos as you know that guys if you don’t have seen my video then you can see this video from clicking on below video, there you will see all the types of hack and i have also tell you about the always imposter hack in brief and show you all the tutorials.

And guys here i have already told you that you can use this mod menu to troll your friends and you can also use the hacks in public mod to troll the members who are playing in public mod and guys if you make your own host then you are the controller of the host means no one can kick you or no one can ban you from the host but if you use the hacks in public mod then maybe it can be  possible that the owner of the host will ban you for the using mod and i also suggest you to don’t use the hacks in front of all members use all the hacks at that time when no one is watching you.

Here if you are begginer in among us game then i can tell you about the among us game like from starting to end like you are not using the mod version of among us mod menu then you can just install the game among us from playstore and also from any browser like aptoid, apkpure & etc and install it simply but you are using the mod then you should know the installation steps for mod version and guys you can get that below in this page, so guys let’s continue the process of game and guys if you ahve not subscribed me on youtube then you can subscribe my channel on youtube because i upload this type of video and gaming video on my channel and i also upload very interesting game play on my channel and if you want to watch that then you can click on the video that you were watching on top of this post.

After downloading you have to install it and after installation open it and make sure that you have the access the internet or you can also use the wifi for using internet and then simply you will come at home page of that game and there means at home page you can see the version of that game and you can see the server or you can also change the server like from asia to europe or anything else where you want to change.

Then you get the option to start a online game and by clicking on it you can start the game and then you have to write your name or you can use any name what you want and then simply you can make the host or you can play a public mod.

In Public mod you will play with the random players and all the control of host is controlled by the host creator and if he see that you are using the mod then he can ban you for using the mods.

And in Private mod means host you can control all the thing like make the host public for playing with random players or you can make that host private for playing with the friends.

The installation steps:

Step 1- first download the mod by clicking on below download button 

Step 2- After downloading first uninstall your real among us game

Step 3- Then install the mod version 

Step 4- While opening first time you have to allow some permission, allow that all and start enjoying.

Some hacks Which is in this mod:

*Always Imposter

*No Killcooldown

*End Vote

*Wall Hack

*Max Light

*Speed Hack


*Change Name

*Change Identity

*Colour Cycle

*Unlock Pets

*Unlock Skins

*Unlock Hats 

*Close All Doors

*No Report/Meeting

*Copy Players etc.

Guys i just want to say that this mod is not for people to use and disturbe the peoples who are playing among us game without host guys if you are using mods that try to use the mods not in front of peoples and try to use the mods at hidden places.

Guys i want to suggest you a new game which name is google snake guys maybe some of you people have tried this game because this game google snake is very famous for its quality of gaming like if you don’t play this game or you have not tried this game then i suggest you to try this game type google snake on google and then there you will get a play button by pressing on that your google snake game will start and i hope you will enjoy that game so i suggest you to go on google and type google snake.

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