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Guidelines for among us mod menu:

Hello guys this is the mod menu of among us and it’s name is the master Kramer and in this mod menu you will get lots of feature that you can use for your enjoyment and this is free for you means I daddy gaming providing you this mod without charging any cost. 

* In this mod menu you will also get the all the skins, pets & hats free you don’t need to pay any money for using the pets, hats & skins in among us mod menu.

* And guys you can also be always imposter in this mod menu and guys there are many mods in this mod menu.

If you are beginner in this among us game and you want to know about the among us game then wait I will tell you about the among us game its a online game, you can play this game with your wifi and with your personal data and you can download this game from playstore and from another websites also and after downloading simply install it and there you will have to first write your name like username.

Then you can join public game or you can make your own game which is know as host.

In public game you can join other’s host and play game with the random players and you can play with them and if the owner of the host is your friend and he can give you the host id and you can join host.

And in private mod/host game you can invite only your friends if you want and play with them and if you want that all your friends have come but total means 10 players are not completed then you can make the host public and after doing this anyone can join your host and when your all players are ready to play then you can start your game.

I also want to tell you that there are 10 players in total game and if you want then you can also decrease the number of players in that game and you can also start game with 4 members but I suggest you to play the game with all members because many members means many enjoyment.

You can also change your identity in host or when game was not started and by using this mod you can also use all the Hats, Pets & Skins that I have already told you.

Always Imposter Guide:

Guys if you want to be imposter in every game then you have to make your own game means host and after that when all players will join the host the first open the mod menu and then enable the always imposter button and then start your game then you will be imposter.

And if you want to be always imposter then follow the steps in all game.

Guys here are so many hacks in mod like:

*Always Imposter

*Unlock Skins

*Unlock Pets

*Unlock Hats

*Max Light

*Speed Increase/Decrease

*No Ads

App has 3 Maps now but soon 1 new map will come in this game.

Installation Process:

Guys I also want to tell you about the installation process so follow these steps for better understanding so follow the steps:

Step 1 – first download this by clicking on the download button at the bottom

Step 2 – after downloading first uninstall your real among us game

Step 3 – then install the mod version of among us game

Then after installing the game will ask you for some floating permission simply allow the permission and then enjoy the mod game.

And guys here is also the option for chat in public if you want to chat with random player then you can chat with him and in this game 1 member become imposter and the work of imposter is kill all the crewmate and crewmate can’t know direct that who is the imposter.

But if he is not doing task or if he kill anyone in front of camera then if someone was in security and watching the live cam then he can see that he saw imposter in camera and all members can agree with him then all crewmate can vote imposter and kick him out.

But sometimes we don’t know who is imposter and imposter say us to that he saw anyone at the side of deadbody then all voted to normal crewmate and he got kicked.

And guys if you want that you want 4k hd wallapers of among us mod menu then you can comment me at the bottom of this post you will get a comment box in you can comment anything that you want like if you need more modes then you can comment me there and guys if you need any help related to my content or far away from my content then you can ask me that and i will reply it.

If you want that i make a video on any topic then you cal also comment that topic and tell there to make a video on that topic and if people who watch that comment also comment that i should make video on that topic then i will make a video on that topic and guys if you want to talk to me on any social media site then you can go on my chaneel and there at the home of channel you will get a links of my social media links and guys you can also get get that all on this blog home page by going back on the home of this blog.

And guys if you don’t know then i want to tell you that in this game you have so many interesting things like you have three maps that you can play and guys if this game you have probability to be and imposter and also to be a crewmate and guys crewmate have to do there tasks and imposter have to kill all the crewmate to win the game if you done you tasks and also all crewmates do there tasks then crewmate win the match and if imposter kill all the crewmates before completing all the tasks then imposter will win.

If you are crewmate the you have to do the things that i have told you above  but if you are a imposter then you have to be careful because any crewmate see you that you are not doing any tasks and if you follow anyone then can be possible that he calls a meeting he tell that you were following him and maybe all crewmates will vote you and you will kicked out from the game and they will win.

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