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 Among Us Devilx86 menu v1.9 application

Guys I have come in front of you with a new post, inside which you will find a mode menu ap of which the people are crazy and people only want to use this, do you guys also do not want to use this mode menu? Know how long I have been using this mode menu, I have been using this mode menu since its version 2020.11.2 and you guys know that I have a better mode menu than anything else yet. If you want to know the features inside this mode, guys do you know that how will you get this amazing mode on google chrome or on www google you can get this just by opening google in chrome and then type in google “daddy gaming” and there you will get my website and you don’t need any google sign in or google login for going on my website in google chrome browser, so then you have read this article completely and you guys know that inside this mode menu you will find many such features with the airship map that you have And you must not have used it before and by looking at its mode, you will like this mode or do not forget to tell me.

1) Copy Player

So you get a feature inside this amazing mode using which you can copy everything from a player very easily, such as if you like something that you like and you don’t have it open, then you You can copy it and you know why I use it mostly, so I would like to tell you that you can use this thing in one place to be an imposter and you have killed someone and at the same time someone The camera is that if you have killed, then you can use this thing at that time and if you know how you will use it, then let me tell you that you have to copy the simple player, which was very long ago. He is dead, now guys I want to tell you about how you will get make your game Safe like if you purchased any skins Or anything then you need to connect your account from google just you need to do Google login if you don’t know how to do that i can tell you just do what i say first connect any Google account in your Mobile Not in Google chrome browser if you connect google account in chrome browser then you will not be able to do what I  am saying to you after google login connect your Google account with among us game.

2) Block Kills

You will know from its name that what you can do using this mode, so let me tell you what you can do using this mode, you can use this mode. You can stop hitting it like if you do not become an imposter by mistake because it will not happen because you get this option in this amazing mode devilx86 that you can easily become an imposter every time by using just one button. If you can, you do not have to take any tension for this thing and this is the only thing that I find very amazing inside this amazing mode, then we were talking about our block kill If you do not become an imposter, you can stop using this and kill the other player that has become an imposter.

But I use this thing very much because I become an imposter every time and another one The reason why I do not use this mode and that is that if I use this thing, the imposter will not be able to kill. But the game will go on for a long time, which I feel very bad and sometimes it happens to me that if I use this mode, the game will never end because there are so many people who only have time in the game Are passing and due to which if all the other crewmates have completed their task then the game will continue to run due to the crew which is not completing their task, so I do not use this feature much, do you know guys it doesn’t effect that where are you playing this game from like if you are playing this game from united states of America then it doesn’t not effect your game but some people think like if you are playing the game from united States of America then you would have a another feature then me but guys do you know it really doesn’t effect that you are playing this game from united states of America.

3) Fake Imposter

What do you understand from the fake imposter? Can you tell me by commenting in the comment box, because I know that there will be many of you who are hearing this name for the first time, then I will give you I will tell the whole history how this fake imposter stopped working and why is it when I started using the mode when I started using the mode of among us its version was 2020.11.4 and when I When I used it for the first time, every single mode worked and when I used this mode fake imposter it worked very well and I used this thing to become an imposter after becoming a crew member. 

Killed a lot of players and at that time this feature was also a normal feature for the people, but when INNERSLOTH started to bench the mods of this game a little bit, first of all it did this feature fake imposter and so on. I tell you why he did it, so he did it because a lot of people don’t but take some I was also one of those people who used the fake imposter to nail the crewmates, but because of this feature, the people who used the mode, not only the Crewmates but also the imposter, guys how much people want to compare the Google snake game And the among us game so guys I just want to tell you about the Google snake first, so guys google snake is a very different game from among us because do you have played Google snake Or Not because if you have Not play the Google snake game then I suggest you to first play the Google snake game And if you think then that you need Google account sign in so I want to tell you that no you don’t need any Google sign in you just have to open Google chrome Or any other browser And then type Google snake And you will see the Google snake game And the play button for Google snake game then start the amazing Google snake game by Google.

Amd i really know that you will like the google snake game so guys after playing google snake you will also see the difference between the among us game And the Google snake by Google so guys first I want to tell you that you can play this game in united states of America also you don’t need any thing you can play this game by just searching Google snake in chrome browser And you also don’t need any Google login so guys if you have played the Google snake then you have now understand the difference between the Google snake And among us game so let’s talk about among us game also we could kill the imposter by becoming a fake imposter and this mode was quickly banished because this thing was coming very much in the eyes of the people, which was not an imposter, he would have thought this directly. The imposter that has been created has killed everyone, but the imposter that used to be made is really how he thought it was and maybe this is what the game developer looked like a lot and that is why he first turned off this feature. And then he benched another feature and that was no kill cooldown.

4) No Kill cooldown( 1 second )

So Guys do you know how you can use No Kill cooldown and I will also tell you why you cannot use No Killed cooldown in another turn, so I am the first Let me tell you how these no kill cooldown work, then they work in such a way that the timing is going on when you kill someone as an imposter and after that there is a time running If the owner of the host chooses it, then you can remove that timing through this feature, do you guys know why this feature was discontinued, because if you look at this thing then you understand I will come to know that this is such a thing which can be seen in the eyes of all the people and whatever is seen in the eyes of the people, it is destroyed very quickly and I will give you the same thing that you can Do not use the mode, never use it in front of Logan.

Then people go to the end of your game because they understand that you are using the mode and On top of that you may have to be stopped from the game and this thing was manly locked for this reason because this thing was banished because there were so many people who could have a lot of people all at once. We used to kill and this is the reason why the game developer tied it up and I would tell you that you should not use any mode feature in front of people and you guys know what you guys There are many people outside who use Walk Through Walls even in the lobby, so I request you to please do not use all these things in front of the players.

Characters will be lost all our features one by one as you know. You will be able to use the no kill cooldown only in devilx86 apk, that too when you set the no kill cooldown to 1 character. If you use direct no kill cooldown at 0 seconds, then you people can use this feature. You will not be able to use it and you will be ben done but you do not take much tension about this thing because you only have to bend for one game. Will be done and after that you can start your second game.

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