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Among Us Mod Apk | Among Us mod Menu v2021.5.12 | Among Us Mod Menu 2021

Hello guys in this article you will get a new menu of among us and guys this is new updated version 2021.5.10 and guys do you now that this is new updated version with so many features like guys you guys already know that the sami gaming always makes a good menu with very good features but guys sometime his menu doesn’t work but guys may times his menu always work so guys i first want to know that this mod apk is so good and guys before using the mod you should know that.

What type of this game is and guys this is not much good game in this world because guys if you compare this game and want to see that which game is good then this game then you will find so many game and the games in this year which is most famous is Pubg mobile game because guys that is a game who failed all the games if you compare another game with among us then maybe you will see sometimes a good result but many times you not get good results.

Because guys this is a simple game and the children in this world now want the like adventures and if you are also interested in much adventures game then you will not like this among us game and guys do you know that in this game many people spend there money to unlock the hats, pets & skins and guys by using this mod apk of among us you will easily unlock everything for free and guys in this game you have two options to be a crewmate or Imposter.

Guys if you be a Imposter then you can kill everyone and guys and tou have a work to kill every crewmate and guys if you kill all the crewmates then you will win but if you crewmates complete there tasks before completing your tasks then they will win but in this game if you be a imposter then you have a so many chance to win the game because guys it’s very easy to kill all players but crewmates doesn’t do there tasks easily and guys you also have a one thing which can make you to lose the game.

So guys how you have a one thing that can you make to lose the game which is guys if you kill anyone and anyone saw you when you were killing then he will report the body and then he will call a meeting then you have to simple make the people fools means you have to tell them no you have not kill but he kill him who reported the body because guys if he will able to explain them how you will kill him.

And they all will trust him and not trust you then you have to be quite the game because guys they all will vote you to kick out from the game and if you will a Imposter and they will kick yiu then it’s very simple that the crewmates will win the game and guys do you know what is the workd of crewmates so guys the work of crewmates is they have to complete the work to win the match before you kill everyone.


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