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Hello, this is a new mode in which you will get a lot of working features and along with these working features you also get an airship map inside this game which is completely original and it is a completely new updated version that.

New Video:-

You guys can use on your Android Can run in mobile because I do not have an IOS device so I am not able to make the mode of us for IOS device but as soon as i have the IOS device I will bring the version of IOS device for you guys And guys do you know that this mode you use does not become a real game developer, but it is made by people who like this game, meaning there is a fan of us who make this mod.

Unlock All Skins, Hats & Pets.

You people can use whatever skins you like in this game for free, because within this turn you get a feature that lets you open your skins and hats and one or two. But not all the pats can open the hats and skins and if you think that the skins you are using will not be seen by anyone else, then you will not think at all because whatever hats or skins you will use. Everyone will see inside the game, so you do not take tension of this thing at all, and inside this mode, you also get a feature with which you can change your skins or hats within the game itself.

This is the mode in which you can change your color or skins inside the game, you can use it very well, like if you ever become an imposter, you can kill anyone and after that you can change your color or skins. So that if someone has seen you hitting the camera, then you can avoid all those things very comfortably and I do the same thing many times and when someone sees me hitting and then he goes Telling everyone in the mating, then everyone will see that the player they are talking about is not there or not in the game, so they invert it only so that I am saved and I use this trick more. I do and if you want, you can use this thing.

Increase/Decrease Running Speed While Playing Game

You can either increase or decrease your running speed within this mode, so that you will get a much faster round from the rest of the players and you can use this thing as much as if someone killed you. You have seen the person and he is running, then you can kill him comfortably, like if you have killed someone in electrical and after killing you you remain the same for a long time and after staying there for a long time someone comes and He saw you standing on the foot of the body and when he started running, then you can increase your speed and kill him and after that your speed will work because if you see someone else running so fast, then he will understand are you using the mode.

And you guys can use this thing in any other place according to your situation as if you are a crewmate, then you can use this thing in the task and if you ever see someone hitting you then you can You can increase your speed quickly and after that you can go in front of him and if he ran to kill you, then your people can escape from him very easily or you can use this thing very well in zombie mode like That a zombie can touch you but if you are running fast on one side and another zombie approaches you, then you will be surrounded on both sides and then you will become a zombie.

Max Light

Guys Max Lite mode is a very good mode that you will be able to use inside this mode as you will know by name that by using this mode you can maximize the light in your game as if someone If you have sabotage the light, you will be able to see everything very well using this mode, and as the host who owns the vision controls how much the imposter will look and how much will it look to the crew Mode, you can increase your vision yourself and you can see very far and many times it happens that an imposter kills someone and if he is a little bit away from you then only you can see him but this thing He doesn’t know you’re watching everything.

You can use this thing in a very good thing as if you are an imposter, you will be able to see everything very easily after using this mode but here is a trick that you can use With this mode like if you are an imposter then you can sabotage the light so that no one will see anything but you can see everything by increasing your vision and everything will be easier for you. And this thing will be very useful in zombie mode like you don’t see anything in zombie mode but you can see everything by filling your vision in it and you can play the game very easily.

No Kill Cooldown=1

You can also use No Kill cooldown in this mode as you may have known that earlier there were versions of the US mode, in those modes you could use No Kill cooldown very easily and you can use 0 seconds in it. However, you could use No Kill cooldown, but after that version INNERSLOTH brought some updates in which you people could not use No Kill cooldown but there was a mode in which you people could use you even in 0 seconds. People could use No Kill cooldown and the name of that mode was devilx86, which also gives you a lot of features, but there is no update of devilx86 now, so I am not able to get you a turn.

But now you can use no kill cooldown very easily because you cannot use no kill cooldown for 0 seconds but you can use it very comfortably for 1 second and it can be used for 1 second. But if you use it on 0 seconds, then you will not be band, but if you use it on 0 seconds, then you will become 100% band, so I am telling you that you will not use it on 0 seconds, but you will not So do not make this mistake because inside this mode you do not get a chance to choose the number by yourself, within this mode you get only one button, in which 1 second is already fixed, just enable that button. And then your no kill cooldown starts working.


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