Among Us Raunak Menu

Guid lines for Raunak mod menu:

Guys this is also new updated mod menu of 2021 and I want to tell you that I am not the owner of this mod this mod is fan made but I can’t tell you its name.

This mod menu name is “Raunak Mod” and it is updated mod version is 2020.11.17a and you can download this from the download button below.

And guys I have provided you the direct link means mediafire link which is very easy for you.

And I have also provide you the apk without any password not like other youtubers who protect the apk with password for full watch time but I am not like other youtubers.

Some hacks of this mod menu are:

*Always imposter

*Wall Hack

*Speed Hack

*No Ads

*Max Light

And guys I also want to tell you that if you are coming here from my youtube video then you maybe know the installing process of this mod but if you are coming here from another source then you can watch below video’s end for installing and opening tutorial.

Guys if you want to know about the among us game then I can tell you about the game like there is one imposter who kills all the Crewmates and Crewmates do tasks and if Crewmates do all the tasks then crewmates wins
Guys my channel name is daddy gaming and I am providing you the free mods without taking any cost and I am also providing the direct link and guys if you want to join with me like this then you can subscrib my channel by going on my channel by clicking on above video.
Here you will get FREE SKINS, FREE PETS & FREE HATS in this mod menu apk.
No ads option you will also get the no ads option in this mod and you can play games without any ads.
You can also play this game in pc by using android emulator in pc and if you want then you can also play the pc version but you can’t play with the players of android users and if you play this game in IOS device then you will not able to play with that players who are playing in android device or playing pc version.
So guys if you don’t know about this game then  i can tell you about this game like from starting to playing with full guide like first install this game from the playstore or you can also get this from the websites like Apkpure, Apkmirror, Uptodown etc, and guys now open this app and then start the game there  you will get a dashboard of among us game there you will see the version of that game and you will see the buttons of local, online, Tutorial, and many thing and you will see there is a big among us written and in background the crewmates is floating and if you want to practice then you can click on the local and if you want to play the game with your friends then you can click on online button.
Online game i also want to tell you that this is online game if you want to it offline then yo can play but you will not able to play with your friends or not able to chat with your friends and also not able to tal to your friends and guys after clicking on online button you will come on that page where you will see the option to write your name and and there you will also get a option to choose a server that you want to play like Asia, Europe, North America, etc.
First Host Or create a game in which you will create your game and you will be the owner of that host and everything is controlled by you like if anyone one doing anything that you not like then you can ban him or you can kick him and if you want that you want to play with your friends then you can make the host private and give the host code to you friends and your friends will join that host and you can control the things like the game speed crewmate vision and imposter vision and kill cooldown, how many meeting allow in that game and the voting time also.
In Public Mode you are not the owner you can join the anyone’s host and everything is controlled by him if he want then he can kick you and if he want then he can do all the things that i have tell you in the earlier sentences and guys if you think that can this be effect the game like if you are a owner then the chance to be a imposter will increase, so i want to tell you that no, this can’t be effect the chance to be a imposter or crewmate it’s on your luck that you will be a imposter or a crewmate.
If you want to download this mod menu then click on download button below

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