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Guys this is sami gaming mods and guys this is one of the best among us mod menu because it have many hacks and working hacks and this mod is created by sami gaming.

Guya as you know that I am providing you the direct link of among us mod menu.

And guys I am providing you the apk without password no like other youtubers who provide the apk but protect it with password and the password they put in at any part of video.

So here are some disclaimer about the mod menu:

* The mod is not created by the among us game.

* Don’t use the hacks in front of public or don’t effect the  peoples who are playing normal version of       among us game.

* Use the hacks for just fun and don’t use the hacks all the times.

* Try to use the mod as minimum as you can.

* It is updated version of mod menu of among us v2020.11.17a

* And some hacks can ban you if you use them in front of peoples.

Guys if you think that why i am telling this to use because guys if use are using the mods from previous version then maybe you know that in previous version we can use all hacks 

and if front of people also and if we want then can be fake imposter and kill the imposter but in this version of mod we are not able to use all the hacks in front of peoples and some hacks can ban us if we use them like fake imposter in this version of mod menu we can’t use  fake imposter hacks

this is because guys you all know about the mod menu and like that in previous version of mod menu many people were know about mod and start using it for trolling not only there friends but also trolling ?he random people and this start happening in all the matches and with all the people that’s why among us game developer company.

which name is innersloth thins that lets create a new version of among us with no hacks like if anyone use the hacks then innersloth game will ban him that’s why we can’t use some hacks in this updated mod menu thats why i am telling you this and telling you not to use the hacks at all time.

And guys if you are among us game lover then please comment in this page’s comment box.

Guys here some its installation steps, but you will think that why i need a installation steps, so i want to tell you that its not like other mods or app its different so now you will see what is the different between the installation process of this mods menu

* Step 1 – Download the among us mod menu by clicking on the downlaod button at bottom of this                         page

* Step 2 – Then first uninstall the real among us game

* Step 3 – Then install the mod version 

* Step 4 – After installing maybe the game will you for some permission allow them then enjoy the                        mod. 

And Guys if you want then you can also watch my any video’s end there you will get the installation process and how you can download the mod and at the end starting mod.

Guys sami gaming is a name of a gamer who put there name in channel and make it sami gaming like if you have become a gamer then you also want that someone called you with a good name and guys so let’s talk about his talent and guys.

Game Tutorial if you are a beginner then you can read this steps to learn among us game.

Step 1- First install the among us game from the google playstore or if you are ios user then instaal the game from app store and you can also download this game from many other websites like 

apkpure, apkmirror, uptodown, etc.

Step 2- After installing open the among us game and you will come on the front page of among us game and there you will see the version of among us game and so many options like free play and online and offline, local you can use anyone button, and you will also get there a button of announcement from Innersloth, and there is a big among us in written and in background you will see that the crewmates was floating there and there you will also get a button of setting and also stats button and now one more a new thing you will which is a sigh of silver coin with Doller sign.

So here, you have to click on the ONLINE button and there you have to write your name at the top of dashboard and at the top right corner you have a question mark in which you will get some tutorials for playing the game and in bottom right corner you will get a option to choose a server means in which server you want to play like Asia, north America, Europe, and many more, you have also a back button which is mostly useful for ios users.

So you have three options host create a game, public find game, private enter code i will explain you these three in host you have to create a game in which you will be a admin and everything is controlled by you, if you want to kick someone then you can click on kick button and kick him and if you want then you can make the host private like if you want to play a game with your friends only then you can make a host private and give the host id to your friends by using the code your friends able to joint the match, and if you want that only 6 members play with you then you can wait for 6 members and when 6 members will come in your host then you can make the post private and play the game with them only.

To download the among us mod menu click on the download button below

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