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Among Us TDM Menu 

You heard exactly this, using this mode you can change your name because inside this mode it is a Puranic version and in this version you can change your name but if you think how it is If there is a old version, we cannot play the game in this, but you are thinking wrong because this is the mode, you can change your name within this mode because it is a version of 2021.3.5 which is just now You have come and you can play games and change your name as well and I want to tell you that the name of this mode is Master Kramer which is a very good mode and all its modes work only. And inside this mode you get a lot of features, which I will tell you now.

Will You Use This Version Only For Changing The Name?

No, because it is a complete mode that is made for the entire complete game, not just to change your name and because of this you can use everything inside this mode, not just a name change option and you can People know that you can use the Egg Always Imposter button of this game every time to become an imposter and apart from this you also get a lot of options Nadar of this mode and if you have not used it yet. So I will prove to you that you will definitely use this mode once and you will enjoy this mode. I am sure and Guys are the only three maps in this mode but there is no Airship map inside this mode which is today Tomorrow people are very much liked and in the new update the airship map has also come, if you people want to use it, then you can go to any of my other posts.

You Can Use Always Imposter.

You guys can use Always Imposter Mode within this game and if you are still wondering why I am saying this, then let me tell you that there are many such modes in which you logo If there is a button on the Always Imposter, it does not work on the right and if you use them, then you will only get a black screen and nothing will come after that and after that you just have to close the song and reopen If there is no other option, then you will not find any such problem within this mode and you will be able to use the mode of Always Imposter very comfortably without any problems of this type.

Manual Chatting

You can also do manual chatting within this turn as you may be aware that you cannot do manual chatting in all the new modes that are coming, you just gave people some words inside that game. You can write things of your mind by using them, but within this amazing mode, you can write everything you want and you can write anything as you can in your old game. I could have written and I think that this new mode is coming out of all of them, it is the old one, because inside it we can do everything that you people can do with your new mode and that’s it. But instead of all those modes, there are more features inside this old twist because inside this mode you can change your name and write whatever you want and at the same time you can become an imposter every time.

This Version Vs Latest Version

If you think that the new mode is better, then you think wrong because if you look at the things inside both the modes and dress them together, then you will understand that the new mode is not good but The old mode is better and you will still say that the new mode is not so good, then I will tell you only one thing that you will see yourself running it once and when you use both of them you will also say Yes, Old mode is more good and there are more things in the old mode and the new mode has very few modes and all the features of the new mode do not work as well.

No Any guardian verification needed

And within this mode, you will not get any type of guardian verification, so that you will have trouble playing the game, if you do not know, then let me tell you that you have to get a Gmail verified by the new You can not use all the features of the game inside the updated fold and if you do not have any Gmail, but you will see these things only inside all the new modes and you will not see anything inside this old mode. People can use every single feature very comfortably, but there are some benefits, there are also some disadvantages such as many features you will not get inside this mode, one of them is Airship Map which is only in the new version. Is available and you do not have the option of airship map in this version, nor will you get all the skins inside it, which you find in the airship map

No Airship Map

Guys as you may know that if something is benefited, then you also suffer loss as if you will see inside this mode as if you will not get the airship map inside this mode nor do you skins of this airship mode or You will be able to use pats or hats because you will not get them and if you people want to take all these things, then you have to use the latest version and you will have to leave this version of the Puranas, but in that you will only get some features on the airship map, but you will Modes like Always Imposter will not be available in that version, so now it is up to you what you want to take and whatever you like, you can take it very comfortably from my website Daddy Gaming.


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