Best Android Mobile For Gaming – Redmi note 9 pro


1) Processor Brand

So let’s first talk about how much the processor is in this mobile, this mobile has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G processor which is very good for gaming so far and you will not have any leg at all if you play any game. If you play games like PUBG in it, then there will not be leg in this mobile.

2) Operating System( Android )

This mobile has an Android operating system which I like very much and if you are an Android user too, then perhaps you are also understanding how good the Android operating system is because we can do a lot of work in Android mobile. You can download many games and play them and we can also use many types of apps, but if there was an IOS operating system inside this mobile Redmi note 9 pro then maybe we would have been able to do a lot of work.

3) RAM ( 4GB/6GB )

Many times RAM does not benefit much because mobile does not run on mobile RAM, mobile is dependent on the processor and due to the processor, our game is able to run well and our mobile runs smooth due to the processor.

4) Inbuild Storage( 64GB/128GB )

In today’s days, the more mobile space we get, the better it is because if we do not have much space in our mobile, then we will not be able to store more things in our mobile, because nowadays, 1 photo is only 2-3 MB. Because of which our mobile space gets filled up very quickly and if we want to play good graphics games then we need up to 128 GB of mobile storage.

5) Battery Power ( 5020 mAH )

If you talk about the battery then the battery of this mobile is 5020 mAH which is very much for gaming but if you only use it in your normal life then it will last for 1 or 2 days for you but if you are a gamer and you If you spend all day gaming, then this is a jackpot for you, you can play games for at least 3-4 hours continuously.

6) Screen Size( 6.67 inch )

The size of the mobile is 6.67 inch which is very much for a normal person and whenever I use my mobile, I cannot hold the mobile in my own hand properly because the size of the mobile is so big and if I am in it While playing the game, my friends all start asking me to let me play the game in my mobile once because my mobile screen is bigger and it is more fun to play in big screen.

6) Back Camera ( 48 MP )

Guys in our world today only our mobile’s Mega Pixel is growing but the quality of image is not able to give that good, but only 2 Mega Pixel camera in IOS devices gives the back of Android Mobile’s 48 Mega Pixel camera, then guys What do you think about all these things, please tell me by commenting below, because this camera is not only increasing the mega pixel of our mobile camera, but only clicking 1 photo will increase the size of 1 photo to 1 or 2 MB. Due to which our mobile storage also gets filled up very quickly.

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