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Hello everyone in this article, i will tell you some features of mod menu of free fire, and in free fire mod menu, i will tell you about the feature of mod menu in brief, and now guys i want to tell you that on this site you will see some rare apps & games that you will not get anywhere, and that’s why many of the people come here and get there apps & games that they want and i also provide brief description about the apps & game, and i will also talk about some basic problem that is faced by some people & they tell me that bro i am facing that problem and in future you will not face that problems if you read this article carefully so guys i will also talk about the car’s flying feature that is available or not in this free fire mod menu, i know you all are excited to know these all things and don’t worry I will tell your everything in brief, so read the whole article and read carefully let’s start this article.

About United Mod

Now let’s talk about the owner of this free fire mod menu, this mod menu is created by united mods and he is not the owner of free fire game that’s why none can say that this game is safe or not for your account or mobile, but guys don’t think too much about this topic because i have the solution for you and it is this mod menu is safe and i am also using this mod menu, many if the people ask me about which mod is best for free fire game so i recommend them United mod because guys i have used this mod so many times and i always feel that this is best mod menu for free fire, and none mod menu is better then this United mod menu.

Now guys i want to tell you that this time the fire pass is awesome and really if you see that then you will also want to buy that fire pass because this time there are so many things available in that fire pass but guys i don’t like one thing in fire pass that we have to buy fire pass every time but in pubg mobile they don’t make the people to spend much money on royal pass because everytime they return them money so that the players can buy the royal pass again, if you guys want that garena free fire should make this change in there game then you can go at the instagram and there you can search free fire official account and you can message them if you will message them.

Then they will start thinking about this change and maybe in future they make this change possible i am just saying this because many of the free fire player are child, and if they are child then they don’t have the money to use that in free fire game and i have seen many child that they are requesting to there parents for fire pass and at that time believe me I feel very bad for them who are playing the free fire game but they don’t afford the fire pass because many of the child who can afford that fire pass they get all the awards of fire pass and show them to that children who don’t that all things like bags skin or bundles.

See free fire world is so big and free fire have also so many players and i think that this game make many children addictive of free fire game and that’s why many of the parents are reporting about that to the governments and many of the government want to ban this type of game who make the children addictive like free fire, pubg mobile. If you guys want that free fire doesn’t got banned then you have to control on your gaming addiction, and give some time to study because if you will not study then your parents will take your phone and they will not let you play the free fire game, and i dont want that you leave the game fully that’s why i tell you to control on yourself.

Car Flying

So let’s talk about the feature of car flying that this mod menu have flying feature for car or not, so let’s talk about the what is car flying feature, so for your kind information i want to tell you that this mod menu don’t have the feature to fly the car, now guys i want to tell you that this mod menu have only the flying feature for player not for car but you can use this feature in another mod menu like in VIP mod menu, and if you use car flying feature then you can fly your car and go anywhere and can also kill anyone by landing the car on him.

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