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Hello guys in this clash of clans game you will see a village in which you will get some caretakers and guys this a game in which you can grow yours troops and fight with them to your opponent and the opponent is a village of another person who make there village and you just have to destroy his village 100% to get 3 stars and the opponent will make there village’s diffence system strong because off when anyone attack on his village then the defence system will defend his resources.

And guys you also have to make your building and defence system strong to defend from attacker and do you think when will attackers will attack on your village so guys in this game when you attack on someone’s village then you decrease your shield which is provided by the game and it is provided to you when someone attack on you and if you attack on someone’s village then then in 1 attack you will decrease your shield time 3 hours.

And guys you attack on your apponent with your troops and if your troops will be a much powerful then you will win but how you make your troops powerful this is a question so don’t worry about it because guys in this game you will get a research hall in which youvcan increase your troops powerful by increasing it’s level and guys the research hall will unlock at the town hall 5 and if you don’t know about the townhall the you should know about it.

So guys townhall is main thing in clash of clans games because guys if attack attacking on your base and if he destroy your townhall and doesn’t destroy anything then he will win means if he destroy your townhall then he will get 1 star and 1 star is enough for winning and guys do you know that there are total 3 star he will get if he destroy your Village 100% and do know what happens when he will get 1 star or what happen when he will get 3 star so guys he will get minimum trophy if he get 1 star and if he get 3 star then he will get 100% trophy what he saw when he was searching village for attack.

And guys in this game there are so many troops here some name of troops giant, archor, goblin, wizard & Valkyrie etc and guys after that you will also get some spells which will helo you to win the game easily and the spells work on your troops who will make your troops powerful while attacking and spell is also a most powerful part of your army and you have to train the army before attacking on apponent and and like other game in this game also you will see a leagu and XP which increases by doing a clan war and playing a match.

And i also want to tell you that like other games you will also see the clans in this game and here in 1 clan have 1 leader and leader can make anyone co leader who will do work for clan under him and co leader can make any member elder for doing work under him and do you know that none make anyone co leader easily because if co leader want then he can destroy the clan because co leader have full right to do something.

Means if he want then he can kick all the players and elders and in many clans none make anyone co leader easily he make all the people elder and co leader after watching many thing that i will tell you in brief so it means only some people will be co leader in clan so he will kick all the members and elders and after that he will also leave the clan so leader have to be online every time not every time but mostly time leader should be online.

And now i will tell you how leader can save the clan from these type of people so of any co leader want to destroy the clan then the leader will simply kick him and invite all the kicked out player and many time who want to do this type of work they didn’t because leader or his friends who was active in clan and he is co leader so he call him and told him to kick out him so in this way the co leader also help the clan to protect the clan.

Do you want to know how you will get the gems so guys here you have only two methods to get the gems first is buying gems and second method is getting the gems from the game like you can get the gems from the cutting gems box and you can also get that from the gems mine yes you listen right from gems mine in gems mine you can collect the gems and the gems mine is in the builder hall and builder hall is a second base that you will get in this coc game and i will tell you later about this second base.

You will also get unlimited elixir in this game and elixir is a currency of this game which you will get in this game and you will use this currency for training the troops and in every thing related to your troops like if you train your troops then where your troops will be stand and this is like a firework where all your troops will stand so guys and now you should also know that in the barack you can reduce the timing of training of troops when you train the troops then you can trains your troops fast and can attack on enemies faster then you can increase your league.

In this game the main thing is town hall if you have the greater level of town hall then you have more and powerful defence and guys and guys i also want to tell you that you will not collect the elixir from the elixir collector only but you will get the elixir from the attacking on the enemies and when you attack on enemy then you will see these thing first is gold coins and second is elixir and third is trophy but when you reach town hall 7 and come on townhall 8 then you have 1 more currency which name is darl elixir and dark elixir is work as the same like elixir but for different troops and building.

And you will ear the elixir and gold main from the attacking on enemies not from the elixir collector or gold so guys and do you know where are the gold have to invest more so guys you have to invest the gold in the making and growing up buildings and one more thing which will get your all the gold is wall and in this game walls of your base make your base so much beautiful and the walls make your base much powerful and stronger because if any ground army will attack on your base then they have to face the walls of your base and the walls is a most powerful thing which defend your base from the ground army.


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