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Google Chrome The Best Internet Browser For Android Mobile

What is google chrome?

So you guys must know what is Google Chrome, if you do not know what to do, I will tell you that Google Chrome is a browser in which we can do many things using internet like running mailing Facebook. And watching videos on YouTube or if you have any question, you can know it very easily with the help of this Google Chrome and every thing that you do with the help of different applications, you can do it online in this Google Chrome. You people must know its name from Google Chrome itself, that this application has been made by Google.

And if Google has created this then you need not fear people because Google is a trusted platform on which thousands of people do many things every day and none of their things reach anyone because this Google If you have created, then whatever you search inside Google Chrome will be directly searched on Google and if you want, you can also change it as if you want to search on something that you want and you can do it. If you want, you can also change the default search engine by going inside the settings and you know when Google Chrome was released, then let me tell you that Google Chrome was released on June 12  2012 for Android Mobile.

Incognito Mode In Google Chrome.

Guys is such a mode of incognito mode, using which you can erase your entire history, after a click, like many people use it for this, but if you want to know, then you may want to tell people that you people If you want to login your Gmail anywhere, then you can use this incognito mode because when you are done, you will just one click and your Gmail will be logged out and do you know that in incognito mode It is used that whatever you are surfing on the Internet, if anyone does not know, then you can use it and this thing has been made for this as soon as you start using Incognito mode your notifications. A notification keeps coming in the bar and as soon as you click on that notification, your incognito mode goes off and this notification comes from Google Chrome Google Chrome keeps it active so that whenever you want Google Chrome’s incognito Enable mode off.

Multiple Tabs In Google Chrome.

If you want, you can use a lot of tabs simultaneously inside a Google Chrome, like if you have any work going on a website and you want that by then you can do some other work online, then you are very relaxed. You can do it and there are many other benefits outside of multiplication, such as if someone suddenly wants to use your computer, then you can give it to people to use the computer, but now you will think that the work you were doing then If you want to stop then it is not so, if you want, then you can open a new one so that your work will not stop, and whatever work he wants to do, he can do the work very easily as if you are filling a form. 

And if your father suddenly has a mail check, then you can open a new table and give it to him so that he can check his mail and do whatever he wants to do and after that when his work is finished, then you ask him You can start your work again by taking a computer, just after clicking on your own but I want to tell you one more thing that you can use this feature in both computer and mobile, but you can use this thing very well in computer, like if you people use something Are doing and you want to complete it later, then you can easily open it in the computer and then steal it on the same, but if you use it in mobile, then people may face some problem. Like if you wanted to do some work later and you want to listen to the song and you started listening to the song by opening a new tab, then when you open your old tab, your page can be refreshed and your work can start again Could do the work, but this thing is not in the computer, whatever you will end up in the computer, you will get the same way. 

Google Image Search

Guys you can use this Google image to know about the photo of anyone if their photo is uploaded on the internet as if I want to find someone behind me or as if I liked a photo and I want that photo If you get more photos like that, then I can find it with the help of Google image, all you have to do is that if you are using it in the computer then it is not okay, otherwise you may face a little problem as if you only have Google You have to write the image by going to Google and after that you will find a site from Google itself, you have to open it 

And it will ask for a link to the photo or you can also upload the photo by yourself and after that you can click on simple search If you want to give, then your image will be put on search and Google will give you the details about it, but if you do the same thing inside the mobile, then you will have to open Google first and then as soon as you open Google you will be enabled in desktop mode. You have to do that and after that you will do all the things that I have given you and you can do these things in every country whether it is USA Why not.

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