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So you don’t need much to start YouTube journey, you just need a Gmail account and it is not necessary that you start making videos just like a good youtuber, you start making videos in the beginning and then Improve your skills more and you will learn only by doing this, then Guys may tell you a few things that you should do to start a YouTube channel.

1)  First select your category on which you will make videos.

So the first thing you have to see is that in which category you can make a better video. If you go into a category in which you do not know much, then you may have a little time to understand that category. And then in working on that category, I would suggest you to choose the same category in which you can make full quality videos like if you can make a good video in cooking and you can learn a lot in cooking. You should make cooking videos only if you know that there is less income in this category, then you started making technical videos, but you do not know much, then you will take more time to make good quality videos.

2) Choose a good name for your YouTube channel.

So you have to keep these things in mind while choosing the name that the name of your YouTube channel should not be too long, if the name is long then viewers may find it difficult to remember the name of your channel, so the name of your channel in one or two words Keep it and try to find some name that can know the category of your channel like technical daddy for technical channel or if you have a gaming channel, then you can keep Daddy Gaming or whatever you want and then You have to find some name that is absolutely unique, like whatever name you think, first search on YouTube and see if someone else has already created a channel with that name, if you have thought of that name and that There is already a channel by name, which is very useful, then you can leave that name and think of another name, but if someone else has created a channel in your name, but he is not running the channel, then you can use that channel’s name. You can create your channel and go to your channel’s video to confirm it and go and see when it has uploaded the last video and it will let you know that you are not Can you use am or not.

3) How to tell your viewers to subscribe to your channel?

You can tell your subscribers in such a way that they can subscribe to your channel by making a good quality video and you tell the people in that video to subscribe to your channel as I watch videos of many new YouTubers and Those people never speak in their videos to subscribe to your channel, but you have to say that in your video because it is your right and you are making videos for the same thing and in the end screen of your video also your channel To subscribe, you can put your logo and you can go anywhere and if someone has Android mobile, then you can talk about YouTube a little bit before that, then you can tell about yourself that I also have a YouTube channel and In this way, you can make your YouTube channel a success, initially you will have to do it the same way, but when people know your channel, then you will not have to do all this, then you just have to make videos and your channel will continue to run on its own You have to work hard in the beginning.

4) When will you start making money from YouTube?

So first of all you have to complete 4 thousand watch time hours on your channel and 1 thousand subscribers, which is not too difficult for me, but you may have a bit of trouble because you are new in this field and you 4 Thousand Watch time hours cannot complete with Google ads, because it is clearly written in AdSense, but if you want, you can complete 1000 subscribers of your YouTube channel with the help of Google ads and it will not take too much time If you do more work on YouTube channel, and after that you should have an AdSense account in which your YouTube income is stored and then it gets transferred to your bank account on 21st date, Think carefully and make a video because sometimes it happens that the ads do not show on your video and this is only when your video has not been able to fill the terms and conditions of YouTube.

5) How much do I earn from YouTube ?

So this is my income for the last 7 days and after a lot of hard work, I have started generating such income and you too can generate such income from YouTube or more as I say every time every person is different.

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