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So today I will tell you how you can make money from Google and how many ways are there to earn money from Google and how much money you can earn by working with Google, you will know how big a company Google is In the world, you can think of yourself how many such toddy will be there, by using which you can earn income from Google, Guys and I want to tell you that I work on Google myself and I have earned very well I will tell you now how you can earn from Google and how people too will read the entire article.

1) Google AdSense

So this is the first thing to earn from Google AdSense and you will now ask how to earn from AdSense, then let me tell you that there are two ways to earn money from AdSense, which I use myself and that is the first YouTube live You can make videos on YouTube and after that by connecting your YouTube to AdSense, you can make money by monetizing your videos and another way is you can also create a website and earn from AdSense like you can a blog. You can create a website or if you want, you can create your own tool, that means you can monetize your website and make money by connecting the website of the tool and AdSense.

So if you are wondering why the AdSense will monetize your YouTube videos and why he will give you money and what will be the benefit of AdSense from him, then may I tell you that after connecting with AdSense, you see Ads on your videos and The person who sees Ads shows AdSense and takes his AdSense money. Whoever runs Ads, keeps some of the commission and gives you the rest of the money, whose advertiser gave the money to Ads to run Ads in your videos and How do you make money from your website when it is not even a video, then how does it earn, then let me tell you that whenever you visit a website, you see all the Ads going on, like some other person of website. Below or some website, all those ads are run by Google, that means that AdSense is from Google, so say anything does not matter.

2) Blogging With Google

So Guys it is also a way from where you can earn money from Google by blogging and how will you do this, then I tell you that you have to start simple blogging without investing much money and you have to do everything for free and when If you start earning from blogging, then you can invest the same money in blogging and now May I tell you why blogging with Google may be speaking, because I am speaking because there is a platform called Google BlogSpot Provides it and in that we can make a website very easily without spending a rupee for blogging and if you go anywhere other than BlogSpot, then you have to pay for web hosting and in BlogSpot If you know coding of people, then you can design your website with coding or if you want, you can download the theme and edit it.

And now I tell you how you will have to spend a little money, then you only have to pay to buy a domain and if you want, you can get your website monetized without the domain, but if If you buy a good domain, you will benefit greatly from it because whenever someone comes to your website and sees interest in your website, then they use your domain to come back to your website and if If you take a domain that is very easy to remember, then it is very beneficial for you.

3) What Is Domain Name and How It’s beneficial for website?

So this domain is the name of your website which helps the users to come back to your website like my website’s domain name is and if any user comes to my website then if he / she has my website Because it looks good and if they want to come back to my website, then they can simply come by typing the domain name of my website like or as soon as they enter this domain in their URL box in my I will type it on my website without going anywhere and we should take such a domain so that people can remember the people very easily so that they can easily come to your website and you can benefit from it and the price of the domain is maximum 1000 rupees. Goes up and the price of each domain is different and it is your choice that what name do you think and what is the price of that domain.

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