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Hello my dear friends in this post we will talk about that can we play free fire in the computer or not, and if yes then how can you play and which is better playing in mobile or playing free fire in PC. So i will tell you everything about these topics but are you guys excited to know these things, if yes then read the whole post, and don’t skip anything in this post like if i tell you to do something then please do it for my self if you will do that all things that i will tell you then i will happy, so let’s start this amazing article.

PC or Mobile

so if you want to know my suggestion then i will say that you should play free fire in PC because when i see any one who is playing free fire in PC then i also think that i play free fire in pc but i can’t play free fire in pc because i don’t have the required pc for playing free fire because i have only the 8 GB ram pc and if you want to play free fire in pc then you need minimum 16 GB ram and also you need some best processor with best quality so this is the reason why i can’t play free fire in pc, now guys some of you will say that you can also play free fire in 8 GB ram pc then i want to say him/her that yes i can play and i also have tried this and succesfully run the free fire game in pc but it was lagging too much and no one can play free fire in lagging because when i see some one in the game means when i see enemy then  it start lagging too much and the enemies kill me.

Today i want to tell you some secrets of the youtube free fire gamers, so the secret is the all free fire players play the free fire game in PC, and let me tell you that why they do it so the simple reason is they can easily handle everything easily because in mobile they have to move there fingures from one place to another place but in pc they just put there fingures in some buttons and when they see that there is a need of that function then they easily press the key and do eveything in very easy manner and many of the people have experienced that in pc they feel very easy if they play free fire and many of the gamers also play free fire in mobile, so i want to say that they play free fire game in IOS devices and IOS devices is also good in gaming and you have seen that so many youtubers there are so many youtubers who play free fire in IOS devices.

How To Play Free Fire In PC

So first thing that i have already told you that you need a pc with minimum 16 GB RAM and after that you just have to install the android emulator in your pc and when you set everything in your pc then just go to play store and and install free fire game if your emulator then you can go any browser and search there apk pure and then go on the official site of apk pure and then search in the search bar of apk pure free fire and from there you can download the free fire and install and if you will see any option to configure the settings then change the settings as you want  like when i was started playing free fire in pc then i set the movement button with w,s,a,d in which w for up and s for down and a for left and d for right and moving screen with mouse, so you can also use these settings if you want.

After doing all these things you can easily play the free fire in pc, Now i want to tell you some bad things which can happens with your pc if you play free fire in your pc like you pc can heat too much if you will play the free fire, and i want to tell you that if your pc is not at good condition then don’t play the free fire in your pc because when i install emulator in my pc then my other software doesn’t work properly and that’s why i uninstall the emulator and decided to play free fire in my mobile again, now i want to tell you that why youtubers also play free fire in IOS devices so the simple reason i want to tell you that is for recording the game now please don’t say that he/she can also record the game in the other mobiles but i want to tell you that if you will record the free fire game with your mobile recorder then your game will start lagging.

So this is the reason that why gamers use iphone to record the game and not even this here is also a big reason that why free fire players use iphones so let me tell you that they use iphones because have you ever listen the name of elgato, if yes then you have understand that why gamers use iphone  if no then let me tell you that they use free fire because of elgato if you have never listen the name of elgato then let me first explain you that what is elgato, so the elgato is a device connect the mobile with computer for just sharing the mobile screen and if you will use the elgato then your mobile will not lag and you screen will also record smoothly, now let me tell you that when people use elgato then they don’t record screen in mobile they record mobile screen in pc with the help of elgato.

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