How to hide apps & Games In Android –

Hello everyone, Welcome in our new & amazing post, in this post you will know about the app hider and this app hider is amazing and guys do you want to know that this app is working in all phones, if you have a oldest model of any mobile then don’t worry because this app will work in your phone and the trick is amazing because this trick is awesome for every mobile, now guys do you ever seen that the phone have no option to hide but after that the phobe user can hide there apps, so in this post i will tell you about the trick by using that you can get hide option in your mobile.

So guys just read the whole post to know everything perfectly because guys i have told you everything in details so that you can understand the trick guys you can also share this trick to your friends, if your friend’s mobile have no option to hide the apps and games, now guys let me tell you that some years before the people hide there games and apps like this they just change the icon of game and then if your mom and dad will check your phone then they will not find the any game and app in your phone, and i have tried it and it’s working but after sometime the game developer and the game company don’t like that anyone change the icon of that it’s game and play so that they make there games like no one can change the app icon and game icon.

Now guys do you know that this is not a trick like that but this is a trick in which you can hide your apps and games with the help of one app which name is c launcher and guys i want to know that have you listen the name of this app ever if yes then comment it now and guys if you have not listen the name of this app then just read the article and you will know that how you can hide the app with the help of this c launcher app, so guys this is too easy just install it in your phone and open it and hide your apps, but guys many people want to know that how if they hide the game then how they can play it again, so it’s so much easy just see the setting in the hide option bar that how you can use the hidden apps, many people asking me that bro after hiding how we can use the game.


Now guys let me tell you that how you can use the game or app if you hide it with using this trick, so guys you can use the game or app if you will use your two fingers slide one finger to downward and second finger towards up and then you can see the hidden settings and there just put your password and then you will see that you have now come in the hidden options settings from there you can use the app or game by just clicking on it or if you want to make the app visible then you can also do that from there, so everything i have told you in this post if you have any doubt then you can comment it below in the comment box and i will reply you.

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