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Free fire guys it’s a game like you have not listen this name before now then let me tell you about this game first, it’s a open world game in which you can kill anyone by doing anything like you can kill anyone with car and you can also kill anyone with guns guys it’s a game in which you have to survive at the last to win the match like if you want to win the match and want to get the Boyaah then you have to be the last person in the game and you can do this by playing. 

With your 4 friends or by playing with your 1 or 2 friends and guys if you will ask me then i will suggest you to play the game solo vs duo because guys you can handle 2 players easily when you are single but you can’t handle 3 or 4 player if you are single so guys just play solo vs duo and guys i am telling you this because many people suggest the new player to play the solo vs duo because guys it’s very easy to kill 2 players at once.

So now guys let me tell you if the version of this menu got expire then how can you get the new updated version if the new version is not available on my youtube channel then just go on and search there a daddy gaming and there you will get my website at first position click on that and then now you will get search bar on the upper right corner click on search button then search any thing that you want.

Like if you want to download the united menu of that game then you can search it there by typing free fire united menu and you, and if you want then you can also just find your menu by scrolling down the daddy gaming website and guys you know that i always upload everything like any application and games on this Website earlier then the channel because guys you know that i want that you come on website first then if you need any help for how to download then you can watch the video.

Do you know that in this game you also have the skin with super powers like guys you can kill with so many powers anyone because guys the other skin have another power then others like if you have mp40’s skin then you have power at this time but when you have mp40’s other power then you have other powers in that way i am telling that the other guns have different power and guys now let me tell you about the bundle of this game it’s a skins like Pubg and in this game you have bundles.

So guys do you want to try the menu of free fire game, i know you are excited to use the menu of this game but guys it’s a very difficult process before it to run the free fire menu so guys you can also watch it in the video from where you came here so guys don’t you know that you can also get your account ban by using this menu if you don’t know that then let me tell you that the menu can ban your account actually not the menu can ban your account but the free fire game can ban your account if you use the menu and the gamers.

Of this game will understand that you are using the menu then they will report you and at that time you will got ban by the free fire game that’s why i suggest you to don’t use your real account in this game because if you use the real account in this game then your account will got ban permanently in some situation free fire just ban the account for some times like 20 days, 1 months, 1 year but in most situations free fire ban the account for permanent.


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