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Hello friends in todays video i will provide you the latest version of kinemaster apk without any watermark and guys do you know that i will just provide you that without taking any money and you can install it in any mobile and there is no password in the apk and guys i want to tell you that you can use the Kinemaster app to edit video and export that video without getting any water mark in your exported video so guys just tell me if you like that and if you want any more apk which is paid or anything that you want you can tell me and i will provide you that apk or thing by uploading video on YouTube.

And guys now are you happy if you are happy from this then you can tell me that in the comment box and guys let me tell you everything about this app from starting when you open the Kinemaster app then you will see that first you have to choose the aspect ratio of the video and start editing the video and first of all you have to change the setting to add so many layers while editing the video, now guys you can do this from the setting of kinemaster app and guys do you know that this is a latest version of kinemaster app and it is working in every mobile and you can use it very easily because this app doesn’t lag and if you have used the other version of Kinemaster then you have faced the kinemaster’s lag problem.

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And i want to tell you that you can easily edit every video without facing lag in that, and you can edit video more than 20 minutes but after exceeding the 20 minutes maybe you will face some lag problem, after every problem you will see that this app is awesome and the main thing is you don’t need to pay any one rupees for this app and guys you can just download the app from the link below and guys some people also ask me about the privacy, so i just means that is your data safe in this mobile so guys i want to tell you that, yes your data will 100% safe if you use this app in your mobile, and i can say that because.

I am also using this app in my own personal mobile and guys do you want to know that the size of this app is very low means evey one can install this in there phone, and there is no any requirement for installing this Kinemaster app and i want to tell you that in this app you can also do chroma key means you can also remove green screen effects from background, now you have understood that how important this apps is and here are some more features that i want to tell you and it is that if you quit the Kinemaster app without saving your editing then you don’t need to get any tension because your editing will got save when you exit the the app without saving the editing app.

And ya guys you will also see a recordings button in editing option and you can record any voice while editing the video or you can record the voice After recordings your video and if some time you see that you have recorded the video but any reason your voice is not recorded and now you want to record the voice, so you can do that in your Kinemaster app directly no need to record the voice with other voice recorder.

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