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Best Mobile For Garena Free Fire Game

Hello Everyone in this post i will tell you about the story of how i know that redmi note 9 pro is best mobile for Free Fire game, so it was started in nearly February of the 2021 & do you know that when i got satisfied with this mobile in August 2021, so now you can’t understand that why i take too much time to understand that this mobile is good or not for free Fire, so let me tell you the full story, it was that when i got this mobile then i was feeling that it is very good mobile for gaming because this mobile have a best processor and it is 720 Snapdragon, and after that when i go to the shopkeeper then the shopkeeper also told me that are you buying the mobile for gaming then you can get the redmi note 9 pro, because this is amazing for gaming and i was thinking that i don’t want gaming mobile.


I just need a mobile for just using it in my normal life but when my some friends started playing the free fire game then they also told me that, hey, come on let’s play Free Fire then i told them ok let’s play, but i wasn’t know that I will play free fire in this mobile because i was doing my normal works in this Mobile, and when my friend suggested me to play free fire then i got okay let’s play, then i don’t know that how to play free fire now many of you guys think that, really i wasn’t know anything about Free Fire then, yes, it’s true, but not Full like if someone think that i wasn’t know anything about this game at that time, so it is not real because when i was playing the pubg mobile game in my old mobile then many of my friends was always talking about Free Fire game and they always talked about free Fire.


But if i will tell you that what they talk about free Fire then maybe you will feel bad because they were pubg mobile player and they always say bad words to free fire because at that time there are so many pubg player and also free fire players but when some of my free fire friends meet with the pubg mobile player then they always do words fighting and i didn’t say anything to any of them some of my friends some time ask me that what game you like, and which is better tell us then i dont say anything, because i didn’t want to say anything about any game, but when i say something good about Free Fire then my pubg friends told me that you are noob go and play free fire with them obviously they were not serius, they always fight for which game is best but when pubg mobile got banned then many of my friends shifted from pubg mobile to free fire game and they always play free fire in squade and i also started Playing free fire, so after that i play free fire for so many months but i didn’t got satisfied because with redmi note 9 pro.


But when i think that this Mobile has a 720 Snapdragon then why this Mobile is not running free fire in best condition, do you know that why i don’t got satisfied with this Mobile because there were so many garbage in my mobile and i didn’t think about that and when i feel then clear all the garbage and then i tried again free fire but that time i feel very good with free fire game, because when clear every garbage then i feel that, Now it is working properly because, but do you know that guys i was thinking that i should stop playing free fire but guys when i realised that, this game is time taking then i decided to stop free fire and many times i uninstalled my free fire game but when my friends told me to play free fire then i rejected them but some times i play free fire with them and they always force me to play free fire but i suggest them you should also not play free fire.


New Updates

First tell me that are you guys excited to know about the new update if yes, then comment now in the comment box that Yes i am excited to know about the free fire new updates, so the new update is awesome and like other updates this updates is also amazing, so let’s some talk about some the new update which I am seeing since i am playing the free fire game, so when i start playing the free fire then there were some kuch Royal of dress in which the showing some electricity and do you know the funny thing that my friends was playing free fire and they don’t got that dress but i got that, that’s why my some friend got mad that they don’t have that dress but do you know that I got that on my self because there were the event of that dress in which you have to do boxing with computer and if you win then you will get reward and in the last boxing match i got that dress, so i can say that I was got that dress on my self.


Now let me tell you about some awards that i got in that season do you know that i was get the fire pass also, but you will feel bad if you listen that i stopped playing free fire after getting the fire pass, so now let me tell you that why i stopped playing free fire, so the major reason is i was start hating free fire and when many of my friends play this game then i think that we should now stop playing the free fire because this game take the full time of our day and we all were gone mad in this game like we don’t anything if we play this free fire then now let me give you some examples like how much we got addicted with this game so we start playing this game in every morning at that time when even sun not arrived, so after listening this you got understand that how much we got addicted with this game.


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