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Hello my friends, in this article i will tell you about the new version of free fire mod menu, and guys i know you all are excited to get the new version of free fire mod Menu, but guys believe me that you will got shocked if you will know the new features has so many better things then the previous version and in this article i will also tell you about the some tips & tricks of free fire mod menu, and guys i will also provide you some information about the new event of free fire in which you will get so many good rewards from free fire and free fire always provide this type of rewards for there players.


Now let’s start the article with talking about the new event in free fire game, so it is very easy to see the event and the rewards in free fire event now let me tell you that you can get the rewards by completing all the event, and after completing the event you will get so many rewards but the main reward is the bundle of Money Heist, do you know that, at this time everywhere and everyone is talking about the money Heist movie and that’s why in my thinking money Heist movie promoters think that they should also promote this movie by gaming and that’s why money Heist movie give sponsorship to garena free fire.


Sometimes i also think that, no money Heist movie is not doing all these things but the garena free fire want to get some benefits from this trending movie, like every one wants to watch Money Heist’s season five and that’s why garena free fire want to get some benefit, this is my thinking only if you guys want to tell me some more things about this event of free fire then you can tell me by commenting your suggestions in this article’s comment box but guys we don’t need to know more about this event just let me tell you that you easily complete this event and get the reward from garena free fire.


Now let’s also talk about the new version of free fire game in this version you will not get some more feature, you just get normal game, but they change the game’s icon like they always change in new updates and some more things i watched in this new update like i see the Money Heist’s banner in the login page of free fire game, and also listen the good sound of money heist movie but this is not the same as i listen in the money heist’s movie, but this is also good while listening this, when i listen that music first time then i feel that this song is not good but when i start playing the free fire game with that sound then i feel that it is really good.


Is there any requirement for running New version?

So i want to tell you that, no there is no any requirement of device or anything like if you think that this version need 4 GB RAM then, no this version don’t need any RAM. Many people think that this mode is very heavy and if anyone want to run this mod menu then he/she have to play this mod menu in very high mobile like apple or OnePlus but my friends believe me you can run this mod menu in any mobile and if you want to play the game without any lag or without facing any problems then you can decrease your graphics and if you decrease the graphics then it will not effect your game quality much but your game will run very smoothly.


That’s why i always play this mod menu on medium quality of graphic and i want to also tell you that you can use so much feature after decreasing your quality of graphics and guys and you can also save your battery if you play game at medium quality like many of you have already know that you can save your battery if you play game at medium quality and guys i want to tell you that many of the people want to know that in this game can you use fly feature or not because sometime this mod menu provide flying feature but some time not, so don’t worry i ahve tried it and in this mod menu you will get the option to fly.


Speed Up

Now guys i will tell you about the new features of this mod menu, if you are using this mod menu from before some months then you know that before you don’t have the option to run fast, now many of you think about the feature of 8x but guys, at this time I am talking about new feature of mod menu and in this feature you can run fast if you don’t take the gun in your hand, if you will run without taking the gun in your hand then you can run much faster then others, but some time if you are running with your gun means taking gun in your hand then you can’t even walk, but if you put that gun at your back then you can run much faster.

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