New Free Fire Updated Mod Menu Version 2022


Hello my friends in this amazing article i will tell you about the free fire accessories which you can use to play free fire in very easy way. And you will also know about some tips and tricks of free fire, and which mobile is good for playing free fire & which and i will also tell you that which head phones you should use to get the best experience of gaming i have seen so many head phones and i also have bough one of them and i am getting full satisfaction or not or after using that headphone will i suggest you that headphone for you or not, so these things which i will talk about so read the whole post and don’t skip any part, Let’s go.

So the first accessories is rubber fingure, if you have never listen this accessories then let me tell you that it is a rubber which we use while playing the free fire like we wear it in our fingure and when we play after wearing this then the screen got smooth and we play free fire without any problem, and 2nd accessories is the headphones which headphone is better for playing the free fire and do you know that headphone play very important role in our gameplay and it is how that when we play free fire with sound then the chance of our winning increases 50% and now maybe you will ask me that how then i want to tell you that if you will use best quality headphone while playing free fire then you will feel that your enemy’s footsteps’s sound can hear by you with the help of the headphone.

Now let me tell you about my headphone, so my headphone is boult headphone which i bought and when i then i think that it is better for gaming but when i bought it then i feel that it make my ear damage and because of that i stopped using the boult headphone, so let me tell you that the full process when i think to buy this headphones, it was the time when i started playing free fire, then i listen about the sound benefits while playing the free fire, then i decided to bought headphone and at that i wasn’t have any earphone or anything which i can use to listen any sound privately, that’s why i bought headphone and then i decided to choose the best one headphone but i got confused that which headphone i should buy this.

But after finding so many headphone i got this headphone and when i decided to buy this headphone then i also love some more headphone but those all are so costly that’s why i decided to buy this headphone and it was the best headphone at that time for gaming and my main motive was buy the headphone for gaming and that the reason why i bought only this headphone, so when i order it online from amazon and when i got delivery of this headphone then i started using this then i feel good but let me tell you that i stopped using this headphone because i stopped playing free fire and i have already told you that why i stopped playing free fire in my previous post so if you want then you can also read that post also.

Auto Headshot

so now guys let’s talk about the auto headshot in free fire, so guys you all know about the process of auto headshot like if you want to kill anyone with auto headshot then you can just enable the auto headshot and auto aim and aim when see, after enabling these hacks you can kill anyone with headshot in just one shot, and if you guys don’t have use mod menu even or it is your first time then you can know everything about the free fire mod menu by just reading this whole post, so please read the whole, and my friends let me now tell you about the running medkit, so running medkit is a hack in which you can easily use medkit while running, and if you are a pro player of free fire then you know the value of using medkit while running because when enemy give damage to us then we need mekit.

To use fastly and if at that time any one give us a chance to use medkit while running then it will a award for us, now you want to know about the night mode in that mode you can easily set the sky colour black, and the sky colour looks very nice at that time if you have used that hack then you are understanding at now, Now let me tell you about ESP fire line and if you will use that mode then you can easily see the who is near to you and you can easily kill the enemy and when i use that hack then i always get so many kills and win the match easily.

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