New Free Fire VIP Menu | 100% Ranked Working | Auto Headshot

Hello guys in this amazing menu you will get so many features that you can use to troll your friends do you know guys this is much better menu then other menus because guys it is so simple to use because guys this is VIP menu and maybe you account is safe in this menu because guys many people ban there account by using the menu in another such type of menu which can ban you so guys just use this menu and make your account safe.

But after this i want to tell you that don’t use your real account in this menu because none menu is safe accept paid menu and now guye let me tell you about the VIP menu because guys VIP menu have so many features but guys do you know that it’s so much costly and behind the reason of this costly price is it’s features first thing that this VIP menu or paid menu is unban able and the you will get so many features that you can use but when anyone.

Report your account for using the menu then the report will not effect your account, and you can get the paid menu from anyone who is selling but make sure that he is real because maybe he will take money but will not give you the VIP menu because guys you have to find him online on YouTube or WhatsApp groups but guys there are so many people who are just taking money and not giving the real menu.

So i suggest you to go and get the number from anyone who has bought VIP menu before, now guys let me tell you that how this menu is just for enjoyment not for always playing because guys this menu will ban your account and your id will not be recover again and now let me tell you that in this menu you have also a aim fixer means guys by using this feature you can set that how many distance the auto headshot will set there aim.

Means it a feature in which you should set the medium rang to set the auto aim let me explain you it in brief like if you want to kill anyone and he is not much far always to you and you have set the auto headshot at much far away range then you can’t kill the person who is near to you this is because the auto aim will go fixed at the head of that person and you can’t move it without decreasing the number of auto aim distance.

So guys now let’s play this with some features like you can also use the ESP fire feature in this feature you will see a line which will connect you to your opponent who is near to you and by this you can kill him and by using this game the game become so simple because the main things is in the game is finding the appointment without seeing him because if he watch us then he will kill us.

And it’s very easy to kill anyone with auto headshot feature that’s why i am telling that this is so simple but the apponent is also hard in this game because guys if you see that then the apponentt is giving us a much damage then the real players because guys you think if you are playing the game first time then will they give you a hard player no they will not give you hard player even in this gamebi suddenly see many people in front of me in just 2 or 3 seconds.

I mean to say that so many people come in front of me and they are fighting from each other and when i go in the crowd of them then they all leave fighting from each other and start shooting me so i just want to say that why why this happened and not once this happened so many times with me and after watching this many times i understand that they all are bots and the free fire game has sent them all to me so that they all can kill me.


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