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So Guys today I have brought you a very amazing mode menu called devilx86 and I think you guys will already know about this diversion menu because a lot of people have already commented on me. Brother, you make a video of the devilx86 mode menu and I have brought it for you and you guys know that inside this diversion menu you also get the option of airship and with it a lot of options which you can use in your game. Can do and I am promising  that you guys will like it very much.

You Can Change Your Name

Guys you can change your name under this new turn menu and you don’t even need to login, because you would know if you had to login earlier but not just login but you have your Gmail in it You also had to do the video and only after verifying Gmail, you could login your Eid within that game and only then you could change your name, but now it is not so that you people are very comfortable without any tension. You can change the name and you guys know why it was done because a lot of people were using the very opposite name which was against the rules and conditions of our game and you know it.

There are still many modes in which you cannot change your name and within that turn you do not even get the option to login because you guys would have used this turn before then you guys You must know that no one can use their real Gmail within the mode. Can we not use any Gmail real or not? Only we can do this because I thought long ago that I will create a new id inside the mode and after opening everything I will use it in real mode but this does not happen now, I have understood this.

No Kill Cooldown

So you will be able to use No kill cooldown within this turn and you guys know that devilx86 is the only turn menu in which you can use No kill cooldown and other than that, any such turn so far. There is no menu that gives the option to use no kill cooldown. Now if you people will say that there are not many modes that give us the option to use No kill cooldown, then I can tell you that they are all fake because if you If you use them.

So it will make you bend but you do not have to take much tension because if you want, you can play the game again very easily because it will only ben you for the game in which you can kill no cool down I will use and I want to tell you one more thing that you will not find this thing in any version because this thing is only in devilx86 of us and now I will explain to you how this auto works It works from the side that if you play No kill cooldown for a zero second then it makes you, but if you want to play it perfectly, then you have to set it at 1 second and that’s it There is a trick to use No kill cooldown because if you use it at 0, the game makes you and neither you can play it nor do you use No kill cooldown.

Always Imposter

And you will also be able to use Always Imposter as you know that inside this devilx86 menu you get a lot of modes which are not found inside any other mode and you guys know that this mode is very long ago Because of what you were waiting for, this is a very amazing combination within this mode and that combination is Always Imposter and using Walk Through Walls and No kill cooldown you can control the whole game. Apart from this, you get many more amazing features, inside this mode, such as color change and hats change in the game, and apart from this, there is one other thing I like very much within this game and that is the teleportation which I am very I use more to move from one place to another.

And this is another thing that I use with all these things and that is skip vote, do you guys know that you also get the option of skip vote within this mode menu, which you guys can very easily You can save yourself by using people like Always Impostor and with all these things, I also use all these things such as being an Always Imposter, I kill everyone easily but I only use the normal logo Like I do not kill, but I also kill in front of everyone and after that I use the skip vote if someone sees me hitting me and if I have already used the skip vote without reaching the meeting. Those meetings are over as soon as they start, but it hurts that the members run away and then if I start the game again, then I have to wait a long time for the members.


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