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Hello Guys, Today I have brought you a new twist menu named Sami Gaming and Guys Sami Gaming is a very old mode developer and this Sami he has developed a new mode which is with a completely new version that you have an airship map Also.


And all those features which were in the old Semi Gaming mode, they are all in this mode and inside it you will find some things that you will not like at all, so if you guys want to know more about this Regarding the mode, you should read this article completely and understand what new advantage you get in this new turn and what you get the benefit.

What new features you will get

So, first of all, let’s talk about what new features you get in this game, then I can tell you that you don’t get any new features in this game, it is the same thing that you have already used in your previous ones. In version and in this version you get some of the opposite and useless things like if you were able to change your name in your game earlier then you will not be able to change your name inside this game and do not know why INNERSLOTH did this But it has been corrected because there were many people who used to keep their names somewhat untidy and some people were fooling people by becoming girls and this is why this thing has been discontinued.

Why Chat Got Ban?

And Chat has been closed because a lot of people used to write very wrong things in chat and many people used to do their advertisement which the developer of the game did not like and he stopped the chat itself and people in chat Many also used to write their personal details and because of which they used to send one, but that same thing would reach many people and if you had paid attention to this thing then you would have shown that many people become girls too. I used to chat and many times I used to see that many people join the host and share their link after that and then leave the host or many people also join the host and It could be a reason that INNERSLTH discontinued the chat by writing their name or brand name which people used to advertise and used to get leaked from them.

Guardian Verification Required

Guardian verification is now necessary if you want to change the username, and if you do not have to do Guardian verification then you can also play guest mode, in which you will get everything which you used to get in your real one, but it is a lie because I myself verified the email but my username was not changing and then I came to know that email verification does not make any difference to our game, that is why I would like to say that you guys also play without email verification. Play and if you want to try it on your own then you can also try it by yourself.

Original Airship Map

Within this mode, you will get the original airship map and if you people think why I am speaking the original, then let me tell you that many fake versions had been made in which fooling people by making the airshipmap exactly the same. But now it is not like this, it is a 100% original airship map, inside which you get new tasks on the airship map and you get to see a lot of new places. If you want to see some examples, then you can see the equipment and its Inside you also find ladders, which you can climb, using your hands, inside this apk you get a lot of features, which you can use and play the game with great fun.


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