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Hello guys, in this blog I brought you a new Akshi menu which is very good from the previous one and this is the updated version and the version of it 2021.3.31a and this mode has many functions like write max light and show Imposter and the extra features is that you can change your skins while playing the game. 


Like if you hit someone, you can change your skins very easily and the hat and color and also in it. There are many new features such as another sabotage light, which I will tell you about now.

Previous Version Vs Latest Version

There is a lot of difference between this version and previous, because if you see people, then you get a lot of features in the previous version, which you get in this version, because the version of the APK of Guys version is 2021.3.31a, in which you will get Inside, you will get to see a lot of revenge and if you have not tried this game yet, then I will suggest you to try this version once so that you can get the game inside and your old version of the game. The difference inside will be known and you will find some things that you were not getting in the previous version because many people were using that thing wrongly, so INNERSLOTH made that feature itself, From inside the game.

Airship Map

Guys is another new feature, inside this new updated version, inside this version you will get an airship map, which people have been waiting for many days, May itself has been waiting for this airship map for many days and this is a very real map. There is no editing, because when the new airship map was about to be launched, many people were making a map by editing exactly the same as the airship map, so that people were thinking that the new airship map has been launched, if you know So the date of the airship map came long ago, but the new airship map was not launched on that date and these people took advantage of the same thing as if you people are not active and you do not know that the airship map has been launched. Nah, you people think that the new airship map has been launched and you use the same edited airship map.

Can’t Change Your Name

You can’t change your name in this version and this thing has been done because there are so many people who used to keep a lot of dirty names in their games and that people are very experienced with the same people. Used to play with and this thing is not good. I myself support this thing because all this stuff will stop now, but I also feel a little sad that now I can not even show my name to Nadar of the game like May Apna Every time I used to name DADDY, 

so that sometimes my subscribers would recognize that this is Youtuber Daddy Gaming but Guys can no longer keep his name and Guys is probably the reason why the chat is also stopped in this game because Many people used to write their personal things in chat and they could read that personal message and many have become such who used to advertise their websites with their game members and this is the reason why Has also been discontinued and if people do not stop doing all these things, then in my opinion, there will be many more things in this game.

Always Imposter doesn’t work

Guys does not work always in this game. If you guys use Always Imposter within this game, then you will only get a black screen and nothing will come before you, so I can tell you in advance. I want you to not use it, but if you want to use it for your comfort, then you can use it and you don’t know why the USS USE Impostor does not work within this version, but if Guys if you want to use Always Imposter, then you can use another mode because this mode works very well in all other modes of thieves Always Imposter and Guys if you want to use this version. So, you have to turn off the button of Always Imposter and only then you have to start the game. Characters, you have already read the app, what will happen if you do not turn off the Always Imposter button.


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