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 New Updated Dragon City Menu 2021

Dragon city is a game in which you will grow a city of dragons and in this game you will also grow dragons by feeding him and guys this game is so much good who like the game like minecraft and if you don’t have pc to play minecraft then you can play this amazing game dragon city and you can also fight with other dragon this is a sing player video game type and Also multiplayer video game and guys here are so many things that you really love and it is like you will also build a building.

You will also do experiment with cross breeding the dragons for get a new and powerful dragon and after doing this you can grow that dragon and ready him for fight and then you can get him to fight with other dragons and you will also collect gems from the land of dragon city game guys if you start some thinking then you will see that it is like clash of clans game in that game you also do these type of things that you are doing in this game like.

Doing experiments on troops and collecting the gems and spending the diamonds in the game for making your City good and you can put the dragon in same block also and you will also get goals to complete and do you know that how your level will grow high by completing the goals, you have to also clear all the obstacles in the land and you also have to grow a foods for dragon and the max level of the dragon city game is 150.

It means when you reach the 150 level then you will play this gane for your enjoyment and not for other things but in my thinking this is not easy to complete the 150 levels of this game because this is so hard and enjoying game because you also have to make the food farm and you will see old pond and many things that you will know after playing this game when you increasing the level then you will get many rewards at every one level.

You can also play this game in the PC and in pc dragon city game there is no any difference between the dragon vity mobile game and dragon city Pc games and i also want to tell you that in this game you will also get a coind with gems so guys i want to tell you that you can purchase the coins and gems also in this game but guys do you know many people thinks that this should be not here the should be spending free money.


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