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Hello everyone, welcome in our new post which is related to your favourite game GTA 5 and i know many of you guys want to play GTA 5 game but you can’t play because you don’t have the best PC even you don’t have a good mobile so that you can play GTA 5 in mobile but if you don’t have a mobile with 4 GB RAM than don’t worry about it’s all because guys today i am here to tell you abuout the GTA 5 Game’s version which have the full size of 300 MB and you can run it even in 2 GB RAM and 3 GB RAM and guys today you will also learn that how you can hide your apps and game like GTA 5 from your brothers or from your parents by watching this video “How To Hide Apps & Games In Mobile” so most of you guys know about my Youtube channel which name is technical daddy and you guys can learn more tricks about how to play GTA 5 game with cheat codes and many more thing by just going on my channel and watching the videos, so go now and make sure that you Subscribe the Channel Before Living Your Mobile.

Now guys let me tell you some surprising things that i have not told you before, so i want to tell you that i have three types of OBB File of GTA 5 and i will share with you guys so make sure that you have subscribed my youtube channel because i will upload videos on my channel and in that video i will share the OBB file there with you guys, do you know guys GTA 5 was made in 2013 and none know about this game before the techno gamez, because guys techno gamez is a person who have make this game popular by making the videos of GTA 5’s gameplay.

Get GTA 5 OBB File(300 MB)

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