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This is a game in which there is a prince who has gone out of his own city and after that when he comes to his city, he sees that his house has been taken over by someone and when he comes He is accompanied by another girl named HELINA Joke who has her girlfriend and as soon as they see them, Prince of Persia and HELINA suddenly attack them and then a big circle of both of them. Comes on a small ship and the ship of those people is ruined and HELINA also faints and she is on the broken wood of a boat, and by drifting she reaches the city side and the Prince of Persia goes the other side Goes flowing and some guards come to him and they take HELINA from there and then the Prince speaks, let them go but if those people do not hear them, then they leave Helena and go away from her and After the game starts.

And then the whole game is done using the Prince of Persia Two Thrones, in which Prince saves his entire city and kills HELINA after the checkpoints are completed in the same game for a little while. He wants to rule the whole of Persia and at the same time he places the chain pulses in the hands of the villain Prince who provides him a different kind of power which converts the Prince into a monster who is very powerful and has Kills kills enemies by using what is cool.

And if you want to play this game, then I have made a very good arrangement for this article, which you can see by going down, and I would like to tell you that the total size of this game is 953 MB and if There is no problem if you do not have a gaming computer, because you can play this game in any computer very easily, for that there is no need for any RAM, such as 4GB or 6GB, you can play it in a normal compute 2GB Can be.

If you guys like stunts very much, then you are going to like this game very much because these are the top of the stunts and in this game you get to do a lot of stunts as if you climbed the wall in this game. You will find and not only climb but you can also jump from the wall while climbing, you will get the stunts of this type which you will hardly be able to forget because many of my friends are such that if they used to do any stunts, they would call him Prince. Of Persia used to call and when the trend of this game was going on, then people used to talk only about this game and not only talk but people played this game and they used to compete with each other Who is more forward in this game and some hard devils used to come in this game, which was very hard to kill.

And I am saying this because it has happened to me on my own, a devil is someone who is very hard to kill and you will know just how important the rules of the game are for me to play the game. The same thing happened with that I won very easily from all the devils in the back and I killed them all but the devil that was very hard I could not understand how to kill this devil and how I Play this game further.

Because whenever I tried to kill that Devil, it used to kill me upside down but I could not kill it and that’s why I played that game because of that Devil for a long time. I had given up, but I had another friend who killed that devil in that game and when I told him, he told me that it doesn’t matter, I know the ring to kill that devil and then one day he came to my house. And he told me how to kill that devil because May was not a rule of that game and because of that rule I could not kill that devil and that’s why I was saying that you People must know the rules of the game to play the game.

Devil Prince

Guys in this game you will see Prince as Devil’s character and guys if you are listening to this thing, you are thinking that Prince Devil means Prince becomes Devil or Prince only starts doing wrong or Prince starts scaring his people. If not, in this game, due to some reason, Prince gets a power, which is powerful but he is a bit useless because Guys is useless because Prince’s power after converting to Prince Devil Prince works a little bit. 

Which makes the game a little bit hard and the Guys Devil Prince who is a Prince is just a little more power in it, but we control it too, it is not like becoming a Devil Prince After that the Devil Prince will start working on his own and that Devil Prince becomes due to save his girlfriend, but Guys finishes at the end of the Devil Prince game and kills him as the real Prince and then the Devil Prince sometime Even the Prince has not been able to enter the body of the Prince, otherwise the Devil Prince could enter the body of the Prince whenever and when the Prince When he came in a hurry, the devil would walk away from Prince.

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