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Hello my dear friends, welcome in new post and my friends in this amazing post i will tell you about some things which can make your mobile much better then other other’s people, so if are intrested to know these things then let me know this in the comment box, Now let me tell you that you can know more about these things by following my article means if you want then you can simply just read the whole article and know everything about the free fire mod menu, now guys let me tell you about the diamond hack, do you know that we have so many mods available but we want to use this mod only because this mod menu is much simple then other mod menus, Now if you want to know that more about this mod menu then you can check this post.


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Now let’s talk about the features which need for running this mod menu in your mobile, so just don’t think more about this because you don’t need anything to run this mod menu, now my friends let me tell you that guys if you want to get some more things like some skins of guns or you want get the bundle then you can get everything by just using the VPN while playing the free fire game, like if you want to get then you can connect VPN to Singapur and after connecting from that country you can simply go into the event option and there you can get some event and by completing that event you can get the awards.


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Now let’s talk about the most asked question from so it is, Is Ranked Mod Menu works in this mod menu or not, so if tell you right answer then it will that i don’t know and now many of you guys think that why i don’t know about this things then i want to tell you that i have never tried this thing ever and that is the reason that’s why i can’t tell you about this thing. But if you will ask me that what i think about this then i want to tell you that in my thinking this will work in your mod menu and i am saying that because i listen to many of the people to saying that in this mod menu the ranked mode works.


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New mod of free fire game

Do you know that at this time free fire have a new mod in which you can play the game with unknown opponent with 1vs1 so it is like a custom but in this mode you can’t play with your friends, but in custom you can play the match with your friends, but this is real amazing, when i play this mode then i feel very good, means i can’t explain my feelings. Now let’s talk about the redmi mobile, in redmi mobile mobile you will got the processor of Snapdragon 720, and if you are game player then you know the value of 720 Snapdragon processor, you know that this processor is much best for running all the games in very high quality, many of you guys know the value of 720 Snapdragon, if you have played the game in redmi note 9 pro, now let me tell you that how i bought this amazing mobile and why i choose this mobile and why i don’t choose some another mobiles.


Now guys let me tell you the story that how i bought this mobile, and what chance was i have when i go for buying the mobile, so it was the time of winters and we are staying away from our home because those days our Mama had arrived to our house and me with my brother live with him at the place that we take a rent and when my father think that i need a mobile then he tell me that go and buy mobile then i decided that I will get a phone but i wasn’t know that what phone should i get then i ask to my friend that what phone should i buy then he tell me that take any phone that you like then I tell him that i like the redmi not 7 pro and i want to get that phone because i want have used that mobile and check everything about that mobile because redmi note 7 pro is a mobile that i love and i love that because one of my friend’s had that phone but my friend tell me that.


If you want to buy the redmi note 7 pro then buy a redmi not 9 pro, because he says both the price of the redmi not 7 pro and redmi not 9 pro was similar but i didn’t know about redmi note 9 mobile because i wasn’t have any much better ideas about mobile and that’s why i go to my friend, and there we discussed that i should get the redmi not 9 pro but i don’t want to get the redmi note 9 pro because I want to buy a redmi note 9 pro max with 6 GB RAM and 128 GB ROM but when I go the mobile shop then the shopkeeper says me that redmi note 9 pro max is not available here that’s why i get redmi note 9 pro with 4 GB RAM & 64 GB internal storage.

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